When someone is thinking about spending some quality time outside the home the first name that comes in their mind is Outer. Outer produces world class sofas and furniture for outside uses. Americans are spending about more than ¾ time of the day inside home or office and due to busy schedule forgets to seat at backyard, decks or patios and enjoying some relaxing moment with themselves.

Outer always gives first preference to our mother earth so before any creation and production they think about this beautiful planet and future generations. Fabrics and all weather wickers that Outer uses are completely bio sustainable. Outer sofa and chairs are totally made from recycled ocean plastic bottles and in current scenario Outer produces using 30% recycled materials and 100% recyclable materials. They establish a kind of personal relations to their customers. Every product they made as a respected brand will surly add some improvement to their customer’s life.

Outer offers a range of following products –


Teak and wicker are the two names under which Outer manufactures their sofa and sectionals. Both of them have a lot of varieties depending upon seating arrangements like single seater, two seater, three seater, four seater and so on, within both armed and armless categories. With these huge no of options customers will get a chance to choose wisely what suited best for them according to their outdoor space. Sofas and sectionals will available in pacific fog gray and palisades cream color.

Your outer will fully assembled at the time of delivery so you have to only unpack the cushions and arrange sofas at your desired place. Company offers 14 days free trial from the date of delivery so at any point of time if you are not satisfied with you outer, you can replace it and take your all money back.

Warranty – 5 year limited warranty on Teak and Cushions.

Buy at – starting from $2,970 for double seater armless sofa.


Again there are two options Teak and Wicker under which company produces all of the chair collections in both armed and armless categories. Patented Outer Shell cover ensures entry prohibition of dirt, debris and other unwanted things. Polished stainless steel is used to protect them from rusting. These spacious chairs are especially designed to deliver prime level of relax and comfort.

Company offers 14 days free trial and 5 year limited warranty on this product from the date of delivery.

Buy at – Starting from $1,550 for a single seat Teak armless chair.


Teak coffee tables are one of the finest tables in the world. It processed by the premium quality wood. It is designed considering all your desired needs and supposed to satisfy. It will be an ideal choice for outdoor spaces.

With 14 days free trial company offers a limited period warranty on this product.

Buy at – Staring from $1,250.


Outer always consider their customer, team and friends first. They work with a mission to make it easier to get outside and spend some quality time with your family, friends or alone. Outer uses premium quality bio degradable materials to create every product and in this manner our earth becomes healthy and wealthy.

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