How To Wear Grayers Flannel For Different Occasions

Flannels are a great choice if you are looking for versatile clothing for different occasions. With the Grayers Flannel collection, you have a wide range of perfect options to choose from.

But, having Flannel shirts in your wardrobe is not enough. You have to master how best to wear them to fit perfectly into any event. In this article, you will learn how to maximize the versatility of Grayers Flannels to shine on every occasion.

#1. Formal Occasions

Flannels often come in plain or check designs. As appealing as the check designs may be, they are not most suitable when it comes to formal dressings. Go for fine plain flannel shirts.

You can get one with a dark shaded color like navy blue, and wear it for a suit. The color of the suit should blend perfectly with the dark shade for the best of looks. Cap it off with a formal shoe, and whether you want to add a tie or not is just a matter of choice.

#2. Casual Occasions

Most flannel shirt lovers use them for casual purposes. The most popular style is to wear your Grayers Flannel over a T-shirt like a jacket. To give it a grunge feel, keep the buttons open and fold the sleeves to the elbow level.

Below it, you should have a pair of jeans, preferably in a basic color such as blue or black. For your footwear, a nicely fitted canvas would complete the combo. Check designs are better suited for this style, and you can explore the fantastic options at Grayers Clothing.

#3. Smart Casual Outfit

Sometimes, you would just want to dress somewhat in-between pure formal and pure casual dressing. Flannels can still come through in such times; it all depends on your creativity.

A plain or lightly checked flannel shirt on a pair of chinos is not a bad idea. You can neatly tuck the shirt in but without a tie. Combine it with a sharp loafer, and you’re good to go.


You can leverage the versatile nature of flannel shirts and tweak it to suit any event. If you shop for your flannels from Grayers, you can rest assured you have a perfect blend of quality, confidence, and flair.

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